Monday, June 17, 2013

Quick and Easy Hairdos

        Happy Monday morning ladies, I hope you are all feeling rejuvenated and energized from this past weekend. I hope you all got some rest, and are ready to tackle this new week. Today's blog is going to be about doing quick and easy hairdos. They are very convenient when the weather is hot or just for a casual occasion. Okay, are you ready? Here we go.
Mexican Bun: Alright, if you have ever watched a Mexican foreign movie you would have noticed a certain type of bun (that’s why I titled it Mexican Bun). The bun is very simple to make and consists of the following:
I) Tie your hair up in a high pony tail and hair spray so it holds and looks neat.
II) Once up, divide the hair in two sections. Then braid each section and put a small elastic band at each end, so they hold.
111) Finally, grab one braid and wrap it around the pony tail and clip it with a bobby pin.  Then, grab the second braid and repeat the same steps, except that this time, wrap the braid in opposite direction.
You should be left with a beautiful and firm high bun. This look works great for sleeveless clothing or just for a casual clean look.
Cute Ponytail: Okay, there are a couple of ways you can create a cute ponytail. It just depends on how you want to wear your hair that day. Here are your options:
Straight Hair: Okay, I don’t know about you, but I love wearing ponytails when my hair is done. When I straighten my hair it feels smooth, silky and shiny.... And who doesn't like that? As you can imagine it's super easy to do. To make things a little fancier, you may choose to wrap a hair strand around your ponytail to cover your headband. If you really want to add more detail you can make a small braid out of your longest hair strand and wrap that around your head band.
Curly Ponytail:  Alright, curls are always elegant.  In order to achieve this look you must use a curling iron. Once your hair is up curl a few strands and voila. Once again you can use a plain strand of your hair or a braided strand and wrap it around your ponytail to cover your headband.
French Braid/ Fishtail Braid: These braids are awesome! But if you're trying them out for the first time they will probably require a couple of minutes of your time. If you’re beginner at these braids I suggest keeping it simple. You can do side ponytails, that way you get better practice and you can see what you're doing on the mirror. Attempting to do a back braid for either of these two braids can be challenging (more so for the French braid). Another thing you can do is keep your hair down and just do a small simple braid on one side of your head. The French braid will be easy to keep in place, just make sure it's tight enough to hold. For the fish tail braid you can just clip it to the side with a bobby pin and voila.
         Alright ladies, that concludes today's blog. I hope you all enjoyed these tips, and found them insightful. May you all have a lively and productive week ahead of you.

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