Friday, June 21, 2013

Shopping Tips

          Hello ladies! I'm hoping you all had an amazing week. I know I'm super happy , I'm done with school for this semesters! Wooooh. Anyways, today I want to share some shopping tips with you guys . Lets take a look.

Budget: For starters, give yourself a budget! Having an idea on how much you're planning to spend is always ideal. It's okay to go a little bit over your budget, but definitely not too much. On the other hand, if you see something you like, but have already spent more than your budget; wait to buy it until next time. Sometimes, waiting might get you a better deal.

Shopping Day: Okay, if you're planning on going to the mall or to some outlets,  you must wear comfortable shoes. Don't wear heels that will tire you or make your feet hurt. You also want to be practical when it comes to the clothing you wear. You don't want to be wearing too many layers because, lets face it, when girls go shopping we always try  things on. On another note, you always want to go shopping in good company, with people that don't rush you and enjoy looking around with you.

Compare and Contrast: Always, have your options open. Don't settle for the first thing you lay eyes on, keep  window shopping and keep your eyes open for better deals. Always compare and contrast. At the end of the day decide which store has the better bargain.

Season Shopping: Alr.ight, here is something some of you may have noticed. When summer is around the corner a lot of the winter things go on sale because there is new stock coming in. The same thing happens when summer season is near. So, if you want to super save you can shop for winter clothing during the summer and shop for summer clothing during the winter.

         Okay my friends, there are some simple shopping guidelines to follow if you want to save money. Ill leave you with these thoughts, have a lovely weekend. 

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