Saturday, June 22, 2013

Are Bumpits Still In Style?

It was only a couple years ago where Bumpits started to take over the infomercial channels and lines of the superstores all around. It created a giant craze for volumized hair and ladies were applying these plastic pieces to the crown of their head to get a little more oomph within their hairstyle. However, since the trend is no longer new, it's hard to tell if people are still opting for Bumpits or if they simply found a way to perfect the plastic of this little gadget. So, if you're wondering if Bumpits are still in style, or if the teasing trend that came along with it for an addition of volume is still haute to trot, you've come to the right place. It's all about whether the oomph is still on trend.

Bumpits are certainly still in style, but with moderation. When they first took over the hair trends, volume was huge and people were teasing their tresses and adding Bumpits to their hair wherever they could. The trend of huge hair has faded to a more reasonable height. Now of course, high hair will never die out completely because the flat head look simply isn't haute. Instead, specific styles call for the Bumpit height, while everyday wear, as what the trend previously required, is no longer in season.

So if you have your Bumpit, use it for certain styles such as pony tails and other updos that can fall flat when you secure an elastic around your strands. The height at the crown of your head is always a desired look when rocking an updo. However, if you simply have your hair down, let it fall that way and use products to add some volume but avoid the use of your Bumpit. As mentioned, use it in moderation.

As for volume as a whole, it has also died down to a rather flatter trend. Teasing is no longer something that is mandatory for everyday looks. In fact, teasing your hair has kind of completely fallen off the face of hair styling. That's not to mention that it's also extremely damaging to your hair and adds way too much oomph that is not currently on the hot list for this season's hair trends. As mentioned, using mousse and styling products to add a natural addition of height and volume is certainly in style.

If you have a Bumpit, don't get rid of it. It's in style but only in moderation. Stick it in only when you're rocking an updo. As for volume, stick with a more natural appearance and allow your favorite styling products to show you what they can offer for your hair. It's a much healthier option for your strands, so if you have a teasing brush, chuck it. It's not doing any good for you as of right now.

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