Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ombre Proof Tresses

Ombre hair is back, and although some may argue that it's simply the appearance of grown out roots, Hollywood stars beg to differ, as do all of their hair stylists. Personally, I'm a believe of the prior, but I'm also the girl who never notices a bad case of roots. In fact, I kind of like the look so I guess in turn you can say that I like the ombre appearance. Since this hair trend seems to be blowing up across the globe, I figured that I might as well deliver a post to this two toned hair do. To each their own, and if you're daring enough to take your style confidence to the next level, these ombre hair care tips will certainly help achieve nothing but the most flawless look possible.

The absolutely most imperative tip to this hair trend is to remember that the color change is gradual. You don't go straight from black to brown, or brown to black. There has to be a gradual blend into one another to ensure that the ombre hair trend is done correctly. Whether you're doing an at-home-dye job or getting it professionally done, make sure that the emphasis is put on the importance of the gradual color change.

The second most important tip to remember when daring the ombre hair dye job is that the darker tone is to be on your roots. For example, if you want a colorful blend of brown and blonde, brown would be the roots that gradually fade into blonde. Doing the tones the opposite way isn't not only ombre, but it could turn out rather treacherous and ladies let get serious here, you don't mess with your hair if you're unsure.

The last thing to remember is to keep your strands nourished and use color safe hair care products. Since you're already rocking a rather daring look, you want to ensure that it does go from fab to faded simply because you chose to use the wrong products afterwards. Plus, why spend all that time and money on a stunning ombre dye job, only to use awful products and have it all turn into a faded mess. It doesn't sound ideal and certainly taking the two seconds longer to opt for color friendly products will prove to be extremely worth it.

Ombre is definitely a daring hair trend, but these tips should ensure that you rock the look as flawless as celebrities such as the Kardashian sisters do. You can't deny that the Kardashian girls are total and complete babes. It's also imperative for you to remember that confidence is always the main thing that you need to pull off any look, regardless if it's the ombre or not.

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