Saturday, April 20, 2013

Everything You've Ask About Ombre

It's totally normal to question the Ombre hair trend. It's not every day that two toned, perfectly blended hair is a haute hair trend. That's not to mention that it's much more complex than to adopt as you can't just go out and get the latest and hottest color of hair dye, and braid your hair to fit the latest hairstyle talk. This hair trend is simply put, a lot more than what you may be used to. However, it's not a hair trend that you should just let pass by you. All the questions and concerns that you may have about ombre hair is all right here for you.

Is Ombre Hair Trending in 2013?
You bet your sweet arse it is! Ombre hair is making a comeback for the summer season, and what a stunning way to take a splash into the warm weather. Previously trending was the ombre hair that flairs down into some eccentric color, such as pink or purple. However, this summer season is all about the ombre that simply goes darker near the ends, without the electricity. Blonde to brown, or brown to black for lack of better words. Although, that does sound a tad bit boring - Something that this hair trend certainly isn't.

Is Ombre Hair Appropriate For Work?
Yes it is, especially this year's version of the trend. As mentioned, ombre is trending with normal hair colors. There's no punk flair tending to it right now. Therefore, you won't be rocking unprofessional locks to  a professional setting because your hair tones will all be very normal. On the contrary, you'll be looking anything but typical! As long as you keep your ombre hair looking natural and perfectly blended, it will definitely be ideal for the work setting, as it will be for when you're ready to let loose with the ladies.

Is Ombre Hair Damaging?
Well, to be completely honest with you, anytime you dye your hair, you're damaging your hair. This can be said the same for every time you take a step outside of your home without a hat on. It's a dye job, so yes, it is damaging. However, it is a tad bit more damaging than a regular dye job as it often requires some bleaching. As long as you're always taking proper hair care procedures, you won't have to be concerned about whether or not the ombre hair will kill your ends.

Is Ombre Hair a Fad?
All trends are a fad, to be fair. It's a spunk of popularity that is super haute to trot that eventually dies out. On that note though, ombre was in last year and is back for another kick. So although it's a fad, it's definitely one that won't die out before your dye job. Enjoy it while you can because soon enough, another hair trend will be taking over the popularity scene.

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