Monday, April 22, 2013

At Home Pampering

        Good morning ladies, I'm hoping you all had a wonderful weekend. Today's topic is going to be about at home pampering. Now you may choose to do this with a group of girlfriends or with your loved one. It's simple, relaxing, and a great method of bonding…. And it’s also super economic. It’s pretty much having a spa at the comfort of your own home (or your friend’s home), Sounds fantastic, right? Any who, let’s take a look at some of the things that will be needed.
Back Massage Station: Alright, massages are not hard to give. Just make sure you have somewhere in where you can give someone a massage. You can use a bed or an inflatable bed. When giving a massage to someone else you want to make sure you're not just rubbing your hands on his/ her back, you want to use some type of lotion; I recommend Aloe Vera lotion.
Foot Rubs: Okay, this can be uncomfortable.... Not many people are okay with touching feet. However, if you're willing to give someone a pedicure or if your friend or loved one is willing to give you a pedicure, so be it. For this you guys will need one of those water foot massagers. If you don't have one you guys can use a bucket of warm water and soak the feet there until they become soft.  After doing this I recommend using a pumice stone and rubbing the feet…. A friend may not want to do this or you may not want to do this for someone else…nonetheless I recommend for each of you to try it on yourselves. Believe me; using a pumice stone is great for removing callouses. Once the feet become clean and the callouses are gone pick a nail colour and show your pretty feet to the world.
Hand Station: Alright, this is my all-time favorite. Hand massages are simple and no one minds giving them. When getting your hands done or vice versa, make sure to use some hand lotion. It’s always important for the hands to be moisturized. Once all of that is done, pick a color and wait to get your nails painted! You guys may also want to buy some nail art to get more creative (it’s always better to get assisted when doing nail art, so take advantage).

Facial Masks: In order to cleanse your face you guys can buy mud facial masks. These masks are available almost everywhere, so next time you go to a drug store keep an eye out.
          Okay my friends that is all for today. I hope you all enjoyed today's tips and got some ideas. Remember it's a good way to spend some time with your friends or that special someone.... however with your special someone you might not be able to get your nails done… that you might have to do yourself. Nonetheless, it's very much enjoyable. 

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