Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tips For Chicks Rocking MileyCyrus Short Hair

If there is one thing that has been the talk of Hollywood hair this year, it's definitely been the new haircut of Miley Cyrus. Call me crazy, but I'm going against the majority with this one because I absolutely adore Miley's new look!  Everyone is still obsessed with the little girl image that Disney created for Miley Cyrus as she hit the limelight, and I thoroughly believe that this is the exact reason why everyone is hating on Miley's new do. I absolutely love her for coming out of a Disney made-image and growing into herself while not caring about what the world around her is thinking. Whether your reasons for rocking a shorty do is similar to Miley's, or you're simply wanting to rock something riskier and edgier, these tips will definitely help you do so confidently. Plus, if you've been used to long luscious locks all this time, it can seem difficult learning the new ways of your swag.

GET PRODUCT HAPPY because you most certainly don't want your short hair to lay flat on your head. That would just look ridiculous right? Plus, you didn't like flat hair when it was longer, so why would you opt for it when it's shorter. Opt for some fabulous volumizing products that will allow you to add that oomph to your do. Waxes are perfect for tweaking and twisting certain peaks, while mousses may be the ultimate companion for drama.

PLAY WITH YOUR BANGS for the days that you're desiring a different look. Often times, people assume that with shorter hair, your creativity with hair styles gets blown away with a hair dryer. This couldn't be any more untrue. The easiest way to implement a look opposite from your normal appearance is by playing around with your bangs. Stick them up, sway them sideways, twist them down. Play around with them frequently to always ensure a switch up in your style.

IRONS OF ALL SORTS can certainly help provide a unique look per every day of the week. Just because you don't have much hair to straighten or curl doesn't mean that you have to completely overlook the idea of it. Instead, switch up your straightening days with crimping ones, to curling ones. Of course, you want to be extra cautious with your curlers because you don't want to look like your Grandma... Who's been in heaven for years already.

ENHANCE YOUR FEATURES. Although this isn't a hair styling tip, it will certainly help provide the look that you want to achieve with your short hairdo. Sharp, distinct features will bring out your true beauty which is thoroughly emanated with a shorter hair cut. Certain makeup looks will provide different appearances overall.

If you've been living under a rock, let's update you. Miley Cyrus cut her long luscious locks off for a rather Boy George inspired look. She has shaved sides, and she lets her platinum blonde hair no longer sway, but spike. Now you can look just as sexily daring as Miley does, with these fascinating tips on rocking a shorter look.

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