Friday, March 29, 2013

Things of Sentimental Value



        Happy Easter! I hope you all have something amazing planned for the weekend; especially if you have time off..... Party, party, party, just kidding. But hey, having a day off is something to be happy about. For today's  blog I want to talk to you ladies about something that has great value to you. A lot of the time the things we find valuable are given to us in our childhood, or given to us by someone especial. However it may be something that no longer fits us or something that is too childish. Nonetheless, it's something that can be used to decorate or maybe it can be worn differently. So ladies, don't store away the things that have sentimental value! Here are a couple of things that you can do.
Childish Item: Alright, most of the time people think "that's too childish to keep out in the open" and perhaps it is. But you can always keep it in your room, and if you share a room with your boyfriend or husband they will understand why that item means so much to you. If it's a teddy bear, you can put it anywhere and it will look cute. Oh, it's always those stuffed animals that bring you the greatest warmth and smile (yes, yes, I'm speaking for myself). And hey many people like passing it on to their children.
Clothing/Shoes: A lot of the time it's our mothers who keep our clothing and shoes in the memory box! And when she takes them out, we are amazed to see how tiny we were. But what can we do with all that stuff? Because, of course no one wants to throw it out. When it comes to the little shoes, you can hang them on your car. With clothing it's a little harder; because you can't wear it, and you can't just place it for display. However if you have stuffed a animal or a favourite doll that you kept, you can dress the stuffed animals or the doll. Again, when it comes to clothing and shoes, you may be able to pass it down to your children.
Jewelry: Jewelry is the most common things passed down to generations. But what to do when it doesn't fit you? Well my friends you have three options. One you can take to a jeweller so he or she can make it bigger or smaller. Two you can tell the jeweller to make something else out of it. Or three depending on what it is, you can wear it and rocket in your on way. If it's a ring, wear it around your neck. If a necklace is too small, just switch the chain and keep the locket/gem. And you can do the same thing with a bracelet. As you can see ladies, option number three seems more favourable because you would still pass down the SAME jewelry to future generations, but to each it's own.
        Okay, there you have it. Keeping things of sentimental value is much greater than having something that's worth a lot, because something that has sentimental value is not replaceable. So ladies, take care of the things that are passed down to you, and be grateful for them. Because one day sooner or later, you too will pass down those same items, and share your stories. With those thoughts in mind I say goodbye. Happy Easter. 


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