Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Manageable Way To Create Waves

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I recently did a cute little hair style on myself that was totally unintended, and by that I mean that I literally had a shower and left my hair soaking wet, and found a hairstyle that was uber fabulous. So this is what happened... I was bothered by my hair sticking and slapping around all wet, so I wanted to tie it back, without throwing it into a messy bun or something similar to a ponytail that would leave it awkwardly creased and unmanageable had I decided to take it down. So what did I opt for? Well, a french braid. Now, before you yawn and skip over to the next post, let me tell you that it wasn't just any french braid. Like I said, since my hair was wet, I knew that whatever I did to it was going to hold it's creases, so I didn't want to do just a french braid from my bangs and back because then my hair wouldn't be equally wavy once I took it out. It would be barely wavey in the front, and crimpy a'hoy at the back, and this simply was not a look that I was willing to rock. I came to the conclusion that the reason the hair is so loose in the front once you take out a french braid is because there's so much hair that it can't be tight, thus, creating the crimps that you get at the back. So I split this idea.


Right down the middle, from my bangs, all the way back. I french braided each side, as if I was 5 years old again and heading off to kindergarten. Certainly you know the look that I'm imagining, right? I noticed that the trick to this hairstyle is to brush your hair straight back before braiding each side. This will ensure that you keep the braid as tight as possible, which is what you want to help deter your hair from looking like you styled the back, and not the sides or top of your head, once you take it out. It truly puts a whole new meaning on a mullet. The sides of your hair are plain, loose waves and boring, and then the back of your head looks like you just touched an electricity ball. Business in the front, party in the back, right?

Luckily, that won't happen. Remember... We're trying not to achieve that look. When you split your hair straight down the middle and tightly french braid each side individually, it truly gives you a flawless crimp when you take out your hair, that is maintained from the front to the back. Of course, depending on how thick your hair is, or how tight of crimps you want, you may find the need to create more sections to french braid. For example, instead of having two braids, one on each side of your head, you may want to create four sections; two french braids on each side.

Of course, play around with this unique way of getting your wet hair off your face, while styling it all at the same time. Plus, it's definitely less damaging than that blow dryer, hot rollers and straightener are.

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  1. i used to do this before i went to bed, but create 3 equal sections, once they meet at the back end with a fishtail braid as it doesn't give that crimped look at the ends