Friday, February 15, 2013

Online Dating

     Hello again ladies, I hope you all had a good valentine's day with your loved ones (remember it’s not all about romance, it's about friendship too!). Anyways, for today's topic I want to talk to you about online dating. We live in such a diverse society, that this has become a new way of meeting people, but of course there are still some ups and downs about the whole thing.  If you are into this new form of dating or of you want to try it, I'm going to share with you a couple of suggestions on how to keep it interesting, and how to keep creeps away (because boy, there is always a creep or two on those sites)!
Profile: Alright, first thing is first, you want your profile to be a slight resemblance of you, be specific on the basic things, that way a guy who is similar will be matched with you, or a guy similar to you will message you. When it comes to uploading pictures, don't upload too many, and make sure they are not too revealing because if they are, I can guarantee you, there will be a few creepy people messaging you. Getting a creepy message from a guy can sometimes be unavoidable, but do not worry, you can always block him! pheeew.
Chatting: When it comes to chatting on line with guys, make sure you’re not the only one getting interrogated! Make sure you are both asking questions, and both of you are getting to know each other. Talk about the things you like doing on your spare time, about your favourite type of movies, talk about the little things. When talking to a guy you are getting to know, make sure you never tell him how much money you earn, or where you live, remember just because he sounds nice, doesn't mean he's the one or that he needs to know everything, he's still behind a computer and you still don't completely know him. If this guy asks you for a phone number and you think there is some potential between you guys, don't be scared, start texting him. Texting is more personal because you can talk whenever, and hey, he might even call. Once this occurs you can both plan a coffee date or something?
Meeting Each Other: Okay, when it comes time to meeting the guy face to face, don’t over dress, and do it in a public place, like a coffee shop. Ladies take it slow during the first couple of times you meet with him. If and when you guys do decide to make it official, only then you can tell him where you live (if he wants to pick you up for a date). Why mustn't you tell him or allow him to pick you up on the first time you meet him? Well because you still don't fully know the guy behind the screen! Ladies it's always better to be cautious.
     Very well, these are my suggestions about online dating. Remember, you always have to be alert because any one can go on these sites! It's always better to be safe than sorry. If you have this in mind and are cautious about who you talk to, you’ll be just fine. After all, love is all about taking chances.

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