Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dirty Little Secrets

I may have been a dirty second hair girl lately because I'm bringing another post to you about none other than... Second Day Hair! Now, before you get all grossed out and exit out of this post, you must know that washing your hair every day is a big, no-no. It's not healthy for your hair and giving it a day to breathe is beneficial to not only to the health of your hair, but to your look as well since second day hair holds style better! Now, I won't get into that because that was last Saturday's post. Instead, I'm going to give you some tips to surviving second day hair. I get it. Not everyone is enthused about not washing their hair every day, especially if you have bed head, but that's why I'm here! 

SOCK BUN - This little devil will work wonders for your second day hair. Now, depending on how wild you are in bed (Get your mind out of the gutter), you may wake up with strands sticking all which ways. That's definitely what mine does. Opt for a good wax or serum to help smooth those difficult little strands that apparently have a personality of their own. Pull your hair back into a high pony tail, grab a sock with the toes cut off, and roll your hair with it, tucking as you go. Simple enough, right? The best part is that no one will ever know that you didn't wash your hair that day. Dirty little secrets!

SIDE BRAID - No, not just a side braid to the side of your head. Instead, start your side braid in your bangs and bring it down right above your ear, behind it and well, to the side! This will keep your second day hair off of your face, (Grease... Pores... No thanks!) Your hair will be elegantly pulled together and again, you'll look like you were made up by a professional that morning, and not that you just crawled out of bed. Let's keep the latter your secret. 

SECRET TIPS - Now, there are a few more little dirty secrets that can help your second day hair. If you really have to control the beast and serum simply won't cut it, mist your hair with some water, then style it. It takes seconds, and it immediately gets rid of those stubborn pieces of hair that apparently still think you're in bed, rocking bed head. Another favourite dirty little second that I adore is the power of powder. Before I say anymore, you must know that you have to proceed with caution! If you notice your roots looking a little too greasy for your likings, a little baby powder can soak that right up. However, be careful and don't overdo it... At all! This will leave your hair looking like more of a mess than it did when you first crawled out of bed. Hey! I'm just being honest. If done correctly, it'll work wonders.

Now keep your dirty little secrets to yourselves, ladies and give your hair a bit of a breather in between washes.

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