Friday, January 4, 2013

Styling and Selecting Earrings

     As many of you are already aware there are many types of earrings. If you are like me earrings form part of your everyday outfit. Earrings are flattering but it's important to know when it's okay to wear big earrings and when it's better off to stick to studs. Earrings are pretty but many times they can irritate your ears (especially if you're allergic to fake earrings).But do not panic I have a couple of suggestions on how to cope with such thing. Another thing to know is that you don't necessarily have to have a lot of earrings but it's always good to have earrings for everyday wear and for especial occasions.
Coping With Fake Earrings
: I would like to share a couple of tips on how to cope with fake earrings. When first switching to non-gold earrings, I suggest wearing studs, the reason for this is because your ears are most likely going to get irritated as is and you don't want something heavier tugging on them. Another thing you should do when taking them off is add a little bit of anti-itch lotion to relieve the itching. With time your ears will feel better and you can slowly start wearing long earrings. However there are always chances of your ear getting irritated so always be cautious. If this occurs it's good to have a couple of clip on earring to wear while your ears heal.
Everyday Earrings:
Your everyday types of earrings don’t have to be anything fancy. They can be cute studs, hoops, or medium length earrings; depending on what you are wearing of course. These earrings should be comfortable and should not be heavy, because that can irritate your ears and also stretch them (something you may not want). If you in the other hand are the type of women who doesn't feel all that comfortable with fake earrings it is good to spend some money on good quality gold studs, preferably the ones that have a round backing. This way you rarely ever have to take your earrings off (I did this when I was younger and it didn't bug me or irritate my ears one bit).
Earrings for Especial Occasions
: Alright for especial occasions you want to at least have a pair or two of really nice elegant earrings. If you wear your hair up you can wear small earrings or pearl like earrings with a necklace (this also depends on your outfit of course).  During especial events, since they don't occur so often, you can choose to wear long heavy earrings (your hair can be up or down). The reason for this is because you only have to put up with the pain for a couple of hours (don't worry your ears will be fine). If you do decide to do this however do not wear a necklace, just let the earrings do all the talking.
     Okay ladies, there you have it. That is my advice for selecting and styling earrings. Remember you always want to be comfortable with the earrings you wear on a daily basis. For especial events you can sacrifice a couple of hours and wear long, heavy, and pretty earrings.... besides if people are not used to seeing you with them, they will look extra good, so it's a win win situation.

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