Thursday, January 3, 2013

Awesome and Creative Ways To Organize Your Makeup

If you're like me, you probably have amassed a large selection of makeup and makeup tools. Without a proper way to organize them, items tend to:

        get lost or forgotten about or
        whenever you need to find that one lipstick, you're constantly digging and digging through several bags of makeup supplies.

So for this article, let's take a look at a couple of ways to organize your makeup but with of course some style and flavor.


For the makeup that you turn to everyday....
For those makeup pieces that you use every day, consider putting them out where you can access them right away without digging through all the clutter. There are several ways to do this: permanent and temporary. I suggest temporary so you could move this piece around. See the details below:
Permanent Storage: Take a section of your wall and measure an appropriate length and width to display all your items. Take magnetic paint and paint that section. Be creative. Make a square, circle, several circles, several squares, alternating lines of magnetic paint and regular paint etc. To fancy it up, take a frame that will fit around your entire shape and nail to wall. Next, glue a small piece of magnet onto the back of each makeup piece you would like to stick onto your magnet wall. Organize your makeup to your liking.
Temporary Storage: Rather than painting a wall with the magnetic paint, consider applying the magnetic paint to a piece of wood. You can design the piece of wood with the magnetic paint plus other paint colors to add some pizzazz OR you can just paint the whole piece of wood with the magnetic paint. Add a frame and nail to wall. Another idea would be to get a picture frame, a piece of sheet metal (that will of course fit inside your frame) and your favorite fabric. Wrap the front side of the sheet metal with your favorite fabric pattern, place inside the frame, and close picture frame. Glue a small piece of magnet onto the back of each makeup piece you would like to stick onto your magnet wall and then organize.

For the makeup brushes and tools...
Take a jar/cup, stencil a design on the outside, add a bow and flower, or leave it plain. Fill the inside with some pretty rocks/beads/pearls (yes just like Sephora. Why haven't you done this already?!) and place each makeup tool right side up! Easy to locate, easy to grab and easy to put back in place.
For those with a serious makeup problem...
For those highly addicted to makeup and you have every color imaginable to man in lip gloss, lip stick, eye shadow, liner, blush, bronzer etc consider purchasing a craft or desk organizer. These are a perfect way to organize your items in a single space and have all the colors available right away without needing to digging through.

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