Friday, January 25, 2013

Long-term Relationship 101


         Are you currently in a long term relationship? Do you feel like things have changed as you have been getting more comfortable with each other? A lot of times couples who have been together for over a year can get too comfortable with their partner. Now you may be wondering isn't that a good thing? And the answer is yes, as long as you guys always respect one another; being in a long term relationship takes work, in order for it to be great. Today I want to share with you ladies some things to consider in long term relationships.  

Keep Calm in Arguments: A lot of the times couples have arguments; arguments are good things to have because you are expressing things you wish to change. However arguing all the time, shouting at each other, and disrespecting one another is not healthy. Ladies when we argue we have to be smart, calm, and collected. Say what you intend without using words that are  mean, harsh, or disrespectful( another things to watch out for is your tones of voice; make sure it's serious enough for your men to understand your point and sweet enough for him to see your concern.) Now I know is easier said than done, but just try it, it really does work.

:  Most of the time all we want to do is spend time with the boyfriend, but ladies let’s be honest, he needs space to do his own thing; just as much as you need yours. Focusing all the attention on the boyfriend is not always the best thing because at some point or another he may think you're clingy, or perhaps you will feel like he's clingy and doesn't give you enough space. Remember ladies, just because you love him doesn't mean you have to be with him every time you can... it's good to make time for everything and everyone; don’t shut other people out!
Especial Dates: You're probably thinking don’t couples always have some type of date night? And yes they do, but I'm not talking about any regular date night. In a relationship it's important to keep the love flame alive. If you are in a long term relationship you get used to the other person and date nights become hangouts. Don't get me wrong it's awesome, but it’s even more awesome having especial dates. Now, do you remember when you two started dating, and where you guys went? Where ever it was that's the type of date you want to enjoy every now and then. And since we are talking long term you can both pitch in ideas on where to go and both of you can plan it out, making it extra especial. Doing these especial date nights will keep the romance alive.
      Alright ladies, there you have it. Remember think before you speak, give each other space, and to out on dates (like the ones you used to go before you guys made it official). Sometimes people get used to each other and loose some spark. If this is happening to your relationship or you fear it will, try the suggestions above.

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