Monday, January 7, 2013

Learning to Forgive



       Hey ladies, today I want to talk to you about forgiveness; something I find can be a hard topic for many people. Nonetheless I think it's important that we forgive people who have done us wrong. The year is just beginning, and each year we get is an opportunity  for a new start, and an opportunity to forgive. So this year ladies if you have someone you know you need to forgive try your best to. Make it on of your resolutions for this year, in fact I challenge you. Forgiveness feels good, it means you have let go of what was hurting you and you are willing to move forward. I know forgiving someone is hard and most often than not it takes a lot of courage, but once you do it will feel great. There are a few steps that need to be acknowledged before being able to forgive, let's focus on these. 
Acceptance: A lot of the time we women over analyze things and instead of learning to accept things we question them. I mean we are all human and we wonder and have questions on why things happened the way they did (this is normal) but lets also learn to accept the things we cannot change or have control of. Don't get stuck in a place of denial, it's a bad place to be. In other words don't beat yourself over other people's wrong doings.
Healing: All wounds need healing, especially the ones that are not visible to the naked eye. Many of you have probably heard of the saying "time heals all wounds," this phrase cannot be any more truthful. And it is true for every situation, no matter how difficult it is. Ladies once you have accepted the situation the healing process will begin.
: And finally we reach forgiveness. This is the point you want to reach. After you have finally learn how to accept things for how they are and took the time to heal your wounds you can forgive. And if anything ladies forgive for your own self, so you can be at peace. Remember if the damage that was done to you is irreversible you still need to forgive and move past it even if you decide to no longer talk to the individual.
      And that is my advice for you ladies on this day. Learn to forgive, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, as I'm sure we all like to be forgiven. So of you have So if you have someone you need to forgive do so and carry on with your life.


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