Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Easy Ways to Take the Best Photos

These days, it seems like everywhere you turn, there are tons and tons of pictures everywhere, from our smartphones to our computers to our high level cameras. But, the questions remains, what is the best way to take pictures these days that actually seem unique and definitely eye-catching. Well, the answer to that is in a few easy to understand guidelines.

The first of these guidelines is color. Color can be your best friend when taking a photo. To utilize color the best, try and structure everything in the picture in a way that emphasizes a specific color. When taking a picture outside, if you are in front of a tree or grass, then make sure you dress in a way that coordinates with nature with some rich brown hues, dark burgundy and some burnt orange. This type of color scheme will bring certain cohesiveness to your picture.
Another example is if you are taking a photo at the beach, with the crisp waves behind you, incorporates a simple color such as stark white or black into your clothing and accessories. This brings a certain uniform look to your photo while showcasing you and the nature that is behind you. The secret to color is to take into account every color in the picture and try to structure some type of connection with all of them linking them together.

The next tip in achieving amazing photos is to focus on one thing at a time. Make sure to have a focal point for all your photos. If you are taking a picture of your pets, make sure that the background is not clearly viewed in the photo. And, try to center your focal point in the middle or to the side so that the eye naturally draws to the focal point and not the background. This can take a little practice at first, but keep the main subject first and foremost in the photo and you will have much more interesti ng photo to work with and it will look as if it was professionally done even if you are simply using the phone on your camera. The reality is that all the photo tools cannot recreate a great focal point. So, this point is very important when taking photos.

The last and final tip when taking photos is to get the essence of the photo with emotion and feeling. This can be easier said then done, but it is important that each subject in the photo is in the moment. Make this easier by catching a certain look or feeling and just snapping the photo. If you are taking a photo with several subjects together, then tell a joke or even say something obscure, this should get everyone to a place of conviction. There is something about emotion and feeling that just cannot be recreated with filters and photo software. And, smiling is not always the answer. The secret to a great photo is the energy behind the photo, the life that lives on in the photo.

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