Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Proof Your Hair

Certainly we've all heard of winter proofing cars, houses and other things that truly have nothing to do with our looks, but did you know that winter proofing your hair for this chilly season is one of the most recommended winter hair care advice? Yes. Winter proofing your hair. Who would have ever thought of that? I know that I absolutely didn't. I just accepted that the winter season was going to leave my strands lonely due to split ends, and lacking lusciousness from the odd blasts of cold, ice and snow. Now I'm absolutely ecstatic about this new winter proofing theory and I am more than pleased to be able to share my knowledge with you so you don't have to rock crusty, crackling and cranky hair! Here are the top three things you can do to winter proof your hair and keep it looking shiny, healthy and sunny during the cold, dull months of the year.

Stick with sulfate-free hair shampoos and switch up your regular hair conditioner for a deep moisturizing cream conditioner that will get deep into the roots. Since 'tis the season of dry and dull hair, choosing your products wisely is the most important thing you can do to ensure your hair stays healthy. If you're unsure about which creamy conditioner to choose from, since there are always a ton being hoarded onto shelves and online boutiques, look for products that are water-based and loaded with some natural oils. Moroccan oils are my personal favourite, but you can certainly experiment with coconut oils, and even olive oil that you probably have in your kitchen right at this moment. 

I've mentioned this before, and I'm going to say it again - do not skip out on your deep moisturizing hair care routine. Now, that's not the only thing. Not only should you never skip out on your deep hair repair therapy, but you should certainly increase it during the winter months. Hair stylists recommend that you treat yourself and your locks to a deep conditioning at least twice a week.  Now, you may be confused as to what a deep conditioning is, so let me clarify. Pick up a product that is specifically for deep repair that you put in post shower, and leave in for about half an hour prior to rinsing it out. Simple, right? Don't forget to use the previous tip with this one as well! 

You've probably been spending a lot of your time mixing cocktails (Hello, Winter break!), but have you ever thought about mixing up some hair care product cocktail that will have your hair feeling fabulously tipsy? Honestly. Get your hair drunk with products. Load 'em badboys in! If you're using a styling mousse, why not add in some Moroccan oil to the mix and rejuvenate while styling? It's a little tip that takes seconds, and you'll be adding a little more bounce to your rather gravity-struck hair

You don't have to avoid winter simply because you hate what it does to your hair. Withstand the cold and let Jack Frost nip at your nose and not your luscious locks! 

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  1. Some of the best oil to use for a hot oil treatment is Vitika hair oil. South Asian women rub this in their scalp every night. I need to get some to winterize my hair.