Saturday, December 22, 2012

Three Styling Tips For Your Bangs

We all know that our bangs are such a huge part of our appearance, but please tell me that I'm not the only one that finds that bangs can be so darn difficult the majority of times? I hate them, but I love them... but I hate them. You've totally been there, haven't you? We all have, girl, don't worry! I am here to save the day... hopefully. This post is inspired because I just never know what to do with these shorter pieces hanging by my forehead. I just always pin them up. I just don't know what else to do. My bangs just happen to be burnt.... yeah, another thing that we all hate. So I think it's pretty safe that your bangs can't possibly be worse and more difficult than mine right now, and if these three styling tips for your bangs worked for me, they definitely will work for you! Check 'em out!

Make sure to use a hair dryer that has a nozzle which allows for more specific direction of the air flow, so you can truly focus just on your bangs. With a paddle brush in one hand, and the blow dryer in the other, comb your bangs out to the right, and trail the blow dryer after it, from the roots to the tips of your bangs. Do the exact same thing, but this time, comb your bangs out to the left. Continue to switch sides until your bangs are completely dry. You will get some nice wispy bangs from this technique.

If you're looking to get some perfectly smooth side swept bangs, this is a method you're going to adore. Again, make sure to use a hair dryer with a nozzle for specific direction of air flow, and a 2.5 inch round brush. Wrap your bangs around the brush, and blow dry them to the opposite side in which your bangs naturally lay. Now do the opposite side, and again, back and forth with sides until your bangs have a smooth fabulous bounce to them. Be sure to have your strands wrapping around the brush, and not just laying on it.

This is another fabulous way to get some light and wispy bangs. Brush your bangs in front, and blow dry (again, with the nozzle!) from the top. Keep it stationary as opposed to other methods in which you follow through with your bangs from the top to the bottom. As you're holding the dryer at the top of your bangs, be sure to shake the dryer from left to right so you're not blazing your bangs straight down. This should be fairly quick movements, and while doing so, use your fingers to fluff them because no one wants bangs slicked right down their forehead, right?

Your bangs should be looking pretty fabulous with these styling tips. As I said, mine are a total disaster so if they worked for me, they should absolutely work for you. Don't forget to always start styling your bangs when they are wet, because the second they get a glimpse of air drying, they become more difficult.

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