Saturday, November 10, 2012

Three Benefits of Switching to a Cool Air Stream

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the benefits are of using your hairdryer on cold air flow, or are you similar to myself, and have that option, but have never looked at the possibilities of what that cold air flow could do for my hair, because the sizzling hot air flow is so much nicer? Almost all hair dryers now come with the option of three heats; hot, warm and cold, but you probably have always kept that little dial on the hottest option without even thinking twice about it! Here are the top three benefits of switching your air flow to cold when blow drying your hair, and ultimately, why that option is there.

Probably the best benefit of using a cold air stream when blow drying your hair is that it's less damaging than if you were to use hot air. It's certainly no secret that heat and hair do not go well together when it comes to health, and opting for a cold flow of air instead of scorching hot on your blow dryer from time to time will give your hair some time to rest, relax and repair. If you always use a cool air stream, your hair certainly won't be as dry and brittle, and the inevitability of split ends is drastically decreased.

Using cool air when drying your hair can also help style your specific hair type. Some of Hollywood's most famous hair stylist always opt for a cold air stream when styling brittle or curly hair. Hmmmm, food for thought if you have curls!

Now, this is a benefit of using cold air hair dryer that you've probably heard of before. The cold air actually helps set your hairstyle, as heat typically helps create the style. So if you were creating big, luscious waves with a round brush, you'd want to do so with hot air, and then when your hair is all raveling up, around those bristles, you'd want to put a blast of cold on your strands so that it can hold that style. Or, long story short, cooling the hair quickly after heat will help hold the style.

Having that cold option on your hair dryer isn't just for looks. In fact, it's there to help you do less damage to your hair when trying to get it dry, as well as helps manage and hold your hairstyle that you are creating. So next time you pick up your little blow dryer and start blasting your strands on high heat, think about trying it on cool. See if it makes a difference! The wonders that a cool air stream, instead of hot, can do for your hair is marvelous. Of course, you'd never know this until you try it!

With winter around the corner, I know that it can seem like you just stepped outside in the north pole naked, when blowing that cold air hair dryer, so if you're trying to make the switch without hating it, opt for a warm button to make a nice and smooth transition.

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