Saturday, October 20, 2012


Don't you find that whenever you see someone using hot rollers on your favourite television show, movie or even in your every-day salon, the hair always turns out to be of pure perfection, but when you follow the exact same process with your own hot rollers, you find your hair turning out to be a mess of wonky hairs sticking out in all directions, or at least, looking nothing like it did when you saw it done by someone else? Yeah, I can totally relate. I have gone through a variety of brands and different kinds of hot rollers, and even if I follow the process of "hot rolling" exactly the way I saw it completed, it's a total disastrous fail when mine is complete. Or lacking in completion rather, because it's so awful that I usually just opt to straighten my hair after the hot rollers have created a total mess on my head. Now, I'm not hating on hot rollers. All of these shows and professionals show how amazing these hot little cylinders can make our hair look fabulous with little to no effort. What I am saying though, is that it's imperative that you have the little insider hair tips to create a fabulous look like the one you're trying to replicate. Here are the top three hot roller tips!

The first tip is to understand what each size of hot rollers can do for you and your hair, and more importantly, what kind of look will it achieve. Small hot rollers create tight, spiral kind of curls, while large hot rollers create loose, bouncy curls. Medium rollers, of course, create an in between of the two, not as tight, spiral curls as the smallest, and not as loose as the large hot rollers. A mixture of all three sizes will create something fabulous as well, so don't always restrict yourself. Now, you'll be able to find hair style hot roller tutorials specific to each size, to know what kind of magic they'll perform on your hair.

The second tip is to disown your brush and/or comb once you have placed the hot rollers in your hair. Of course, you want to thoroughly comb through your hair prior to placing the hot rollers in, to ensure that everything is untangled and fabulous. However, once you take those bad boys out, do not brush or comb your hair! This will take out the curls, providing a wave which can certainly look fabulous if that's what you were looking for, but it's imperative to style with your hands, and only your hands, when you're wanting to rock the fabulous curls that your hot rollers gave you.

The last tip to using hot rollers is to watch the clock! It's easy to forget that hot rollers are, well, hot! There's nothing more awful than dry, frizzled and fried hair from an excessive use of heating products. Never have your hot rollers inf or longer than 10 minutes to ensure great style, without the burning hair.


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