Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall 2012 Makeup Trends

As we transition from summer to fall, our clothes change and so does our makeup. It’s time to trade in that coral lip stick and bright pink eye shadow for something a little more bold. Fall 2012 is going to filled with bold eyes and deep lips. Say goodbye to safe and take a walk on the wild side with these hot makeup trends for the fall.

Smoky eyes with a twist.
Smoky eyes do not have to be showy to make an impact. Ditch the black eye shadow this fall and try a chocolate brown or deep purple for a look that’s a little more subtle yet still dramatic.

Dark lips
Darker lip colors such as deep reds and berry colors are going to be huge this fall. Now, when I say darker colors I mean so dark that they border on black. For a more dramatic look, try applying the color directly from the tube opposed to using a brush.

Green eye shadow
Yes, it is green. But it’s a rich, sexy, jewel-toned kind of green. It acts as the perfect pop of color for a otherwise bold look. 

Graphic cat eyes
A little wing just will not cut it this fall. Cat eyes are going to be dramatic and bold. Warning: this is not liner for the timid; this is liner for the daring.

Gold accents
Not everything has to be dark and bold this season. Show off your angelic side with a delicate touch of gold on the eyes and the cheeks.

Flawless skin
No one has a flawless complexion, but with right amount of coverage and strategic highlighting, you can create the illusion on perfect skin.  Find a foundation that gives you enough coverage to where you can conceal any blemishes and acne scaring without looking cakey. Pick an illuminator with a little bit of shimmer to highlight those cheekbones and add a glow. Stick to products with a little bit of shimmer but avoid the ones with chunky glitter. You are going for luminous; you don’t want to look like a disco ball.

Flushed cheeks
The illusion of healthy, rosy cheeks is just plain sexy. Stick to cream blushes because they are easier to build up and they tend to look a little more natural.

Bold brows
Eyebrows look best when they perfectly frame your eyes, not when they are pencil-thin. This season we want our eyebrows to stand out and be the focal point of our look. As you can tell, makeup is going to be dramatic this season. Your eyebrows are no different. For a natural look and easy application, ditch the brow gels and stick to a flat liner brush and a eye shadow or brow powder a shade darker than your eyebrows.

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