Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Top Tip For The Top Problem

There are a few things that can happen when you give your hair some colour, and for lack of better words, they all suck! Well, of course, aside from your hair turning out flawlessly amazing. However, your hair can take an attitude turn for the worse, especially when you choose to add some tones to your locks at home. Now, I'm not trying to terrify you or deter you from at home dye jobs because let's get serious here for a moment, the comparison of prices for at-home dye jobs and a salon are damaging. So damaging that I don't even want to write it down on this screen. Let's just say that it'd be nice if we could go to the salon and dish out $100 every we see our roots growing out, our hair colour fading or god forbid a grey hair spouting through, however it's simply not realistic. What is realistic, although it may seem like quite the opposite, is how little tricks, tips and tweaks can keep your at home dye job looking fabulous for longer, while convincing everyone else around you that you visit the hair salon weekly. Here is the top tip, for the top concern for hair colouring jobs done at home! Follow this tip when to keep your hair holding that heavenly hue at it's best.

The first step takes place in the shower, which only makes sense since this is where you spend a lot of time with your hair, right? Although you may not think that having a colour-safe shampoo will make a difference to your hair, trust me ladies (and gents!), it does, especially for holding the colour in and not changing it to a different hue that you didn't ask for! If you took the time to dye your hair, take the two seconds to find a new, colour-friendly shampoo. Well, unless your hair job is all funky and you're really wanting to get rid of it. If that's the case, then proceed with your not-so-colour-friendly products. Oh, and this colour-safe rule goes for all haircare products, not just shampoo and conditioner. That means serums, hair spray, mousse and deep conditioners. You don't want to put something in that could turn your hair into something that you'd see on a Disney movie character's head, and I'm not talking about the flawless luscious locks on the princesses. Do keep in mind of the products that you will be using on your new colour and opt for something friendly. On the bright side, they're usually is no difference in price!

Your hair colour can and will fade no matter what. Let's be honest here. It's going to fade regardless of getting it done at the salon or saving some cash and doing it at home. What does make all the difference though, is knowing how to keep that hue locked on your strands for as long as possible, and the best way to do that is by only using products that are pro colour, because if you get a bad chemical reaction, you may find yourself looking like a Halloween costume - for weeks.

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