Friday, October 26, 2012

Last minute Costume Ideas!

Perhaps you are planning to attend a Halloween party or event but have absolutely no time to go shopping for a costume. Or maybe you are not planning to go out but then all of the sudden you get an urge to party, and have no idea what to dress up as! Do not panic, get creative. Believe it or not there many things you can put together to create a cute costume. Now it may not be scary, but nowadays it doesn’t really have to be. Let’s take a look at some possible last minute costumes.

Cow girl costume:
With this costume you can wear jeans, a plaid shirt and boots (the ones without heels; if you happen to owe leather boots that’s a plus). If you don’t happen to have a plaid shirt you can wear a beater and bandana around your neck. Now you also want to wear a belt to give it a more realistic look. If you are really lucky you may even have hat lying around that you can wear.

School girl:
If you attended a private school this may be an easy look to pull off, if you didn’t however there is no problem. Here is what you can do. Wear a long sleeve shirt (preferably the business white shirts) a plaid skirt if you have one or a black skirt. Then wear long stockings with black flats. To give the costume an extra pow, ask a friend, or you dad if you can burrow one of their ties. You may also want to put you hair in two pig tails, to create a better character.

Soccer player:
This type of outfit is quite simple to pull off. You can wear baggy shorts (preferably not too long) long socks and runners (you don’t need actual cleats). Now soccer players usually have a shirt representing their team. Do not worry about the shirt; you can wear a lite track jacket instead. You may also want to put on a towel head band and tie your hair.
Dressing up as a gypsy is fun an easy. You will need a lot of jewelry, but what girl doesn’t have jewelry, right?  Okay, for this type of outfit I suggest wearing the long loose skirts, and a shirt that has puffy sleeves. I would also suggest wearing a scarf like cloth that hugs your head (Curls tend to look good with the scarf on). Finally don’t forget to add all the bling!
            Alright ladies, that is all I have for you today. Remember costumes are not hard to put together and the most important thing is to have fun with whatever you are doing. Have a safe and fun Halloween.

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