Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Is makeup worth the splurge?

Everywhere from the drugstore to the department store, we are exposed to various makeup products that are essentially the same except for one crucial detail, the price. While there are instances where the quality of certain products influences the price but is it really worth the hefty price tag?

Drugstore makeup brands have come a long way these past few years and I believe they are really giving higher end makeup brands such as MAC and NARS a run for their money. Brands such as Loreal and Covergirl are producing products of higher quality at reasonable prices while higher end brands are lacking in quality but have hefty price tags.

So, how do you decide when you should splurge or when you should save? Here are some suggestions to help you next time you find yourself in the “splurge or save” dilemma.

1.)    Do your research.
-Find a bronzer that you absolutely love but the $40 price tag is holding you back? I can guarantee you that you will be able to find an exact dupe for the product online and for a cheaper price. However, if it’s the exact color you’re looking for and you can’t find anything that you love quite as much, go for it.

2.)    When it comes to eye shadow, be weary.
If you are looking for higher end eye shadows, invest in a good palette. Normaly, higher end palettes are a better value because you usually get 8-10 colors for $5-$10 per color. If you want to buy singe colors, check out the drugstore first.
3.)    Consider quality.
The whole “well it’s more expensive so it’s better” conundrum is outdated. It just isn’t true anymore. How much are you willing to pay for better quality? You may be able to find a great foundation or powder at the drugstore but find a perfect one at a higher end store that is $30 more. Is the extra “perfectness” of the product worth the extra cheddar? In most cases, it’s not.

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