Monday, October 15, 2012

Don't sacrifice comfort this fall!

As much as I adore the cool fall weather and the fabulous fashion it brings along with it, I often find myself living in sweats and hoodies for days at a time. I am a sucker for comfort and hoodies provide me with a level of comfort that you have to experience to understand. Ok, maybe I am being a tad bit dramatic but, can you blame me? I love being warm and cozy and sometimes cardigans and leggings just don’t cut it. Now, I know I’m not alone in this. While it may be difficult to fight the urge to slip in to your super comfy PINK sweats and hoodie, you must resist! Do not get stuck in a fashion rut. You may never get out! Ok, being a little dramatic again, but serisouly, don’t do it! Here are a few tips to staying trendy and fashion forward without sacrificing comfort.

1.)    When it comes to pants, look for comfier materials and relaxed fits. It’s ok to ditch the uncomfortable denim and go with something a little more comfortable. I love jeggings and pixi pants for this time of year. They are stretchy and comfortable but they look super cute and sophisticated paired with a trendy sweater or cardigan.
2.)    The baggier the sweater, the comfier it is. Trust me. While I love fitted sweaters and shirts, loose and baggy sweaters and cardigans keep me super warm and comfy while looking super chic at the same time. Win, win for me!

3.)    In case you have not noticed, Ugg’s has been stepping up their fashion game. They have released some hot new boots and they are equally as comfy as their original boots. I can’t stand it when my feet are freezing. It’s the most uncomfortable thing ever. This is why I love my Ugg’s.
4.)    If you’re all about keeping warm, scarves will be your best friend this season. Not gonna lie, I sometimes pair a super hot scarf with some cute yoga pants and a oversized long sleeve for added comfort without looking frumpy. Don’t judge me.

See, I told you that you didn’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashionable. Just listen to me, I will never steer you wrong. Well, I mean I try.

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