Friday, October 5, 2012

Drench your warmth in Trench Coats

"Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are"

So far we have been receiving a lot of sun (not that I’m complaining, I’m loving this weather!), during this fall season. However it is best that we are prepared for a change in climate…(it’s extremely unpredictable). One of the best things to own during the fall and during the winter season is a trench coat. There are tons of trench coats that are stylish and can keep you warm during the upcoming months. Here are a couple of coats you can choose to

Light trench coats           
When people think of trench coats they usually think big heavy coats. But that is not always the case, in fact there are many trench coats that are not that warm and are very light. They are actually perfect for the kind of weather we have been having lately. These go really well with casual and semi-formal clothing.
Short Trench coats
 Alright, there are many cute short trench coats that are comfortable for day to day wear. They look great with just plain jeans and tee shirts. If you think this is your type of trench coat I would suggest buying one that’s dark or neutral in colour, that way it will match a variety of your wardrobe.
Long Trench Coats
 I love to think about long trench coats as elegant winter dresses. I find them to be super warm and cozy (can you tell they are my favorite type of trench coats?). You too can keep warm and style your outfit by putting on a long trench coat when going out to a fancy event or for a casual night out. You may be wondering what type of casual clothing can I wear? Well these types of coats can be worn with leggings/ jeans, heels, shirts, and cardigans.
                And that’s that. Just remember to always keep warm, cozy and stylish during the cold months. There are different trends during every season; we just got to learn how to play around with our wardrobe to keep in stylish.

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