Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Best Ways to Add Volume to Your Hair

Many women will say that when it comes to their hair they wish they could have volume and voluptuous body. Mostly this statement comes from women with fine hair, but it is not uncommon to hear women with other hair types say this also. Here are some tips on the best ways to make this happen.

Avoid Weighing Hair Down
Many times the reason that women cannot get volume is because they are weighing it down. This means that they are using excessive products that are weighing down each strand of hair. On fine hair, especially, this will remove all the volume that she had starting out with. Even some shampoos and conditioners can make this kind of impact.
Anyone with limp hair that knows they use products on a daily base needs to strip their hair by using a clarifying shampoo. This will remove excess residue and return life to the hair. They should then use a bare minimum of products when styling.

Stick to the Basics
Women looking for volume should use shampoo, conditioner (on the ends only), and mousse (avoid the ends). These three items will keep the hair from being weighted down, but will give it the lift that is needed. Add mousse to damp hair before blow drying preferably with a diffuser.

Learn to Blow-Dry Correctly
When using a hair dryer, it is best to use clips to section the hair. That way the woman can make sure that all of the hair is getting completely dry – even the roots on the very bottom layer of hair. Most women should wait until their hair is damp before starting to blow dry. This is to one, keep the woman from giving up on getting her hair completely dry, and two, use as little heat on the hair as possible. When she believes it is dry, set the blow dryer on the cool setting to make sure. This will allow her to feel and make sure each section is completely dry. Also, to properly style the hair and expect it to hold, the hair must be cool and not hot. Also, the hair that has been sectioned in clips has been allowed to dry from the roots, and this will help to give the hair lift and body.

Change the Cut
For women with fine hair, they can appear to have thick hair in one easy step – get a one length hair cut. This means no layers or odd angles. One length makes hair appear at its thickest, and for women with fine hair, layers can mean the hair appears very stringy. Also, the shorter the cut is, the thicker it will be. When fine hair gets longer, it has more weight pulling it down, which will make it appear flat. The ideal cut is at the shoulder lever. This will provide a length long enough to do several different styles but will still be able to have body.


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