Saturday, September 1, 2012

Get a Fun Bun!

It's definitely no surprise that this year it's all about the comeback of the bun, whether it be a top knot, or a sock in your hair. Now, don't go into a panic ladies. Although buns are often clean, prim and proper, this year it's all about easy hair buns that can be accomplished by any and everyone! Read on for some new ideas when it comes to adding a fun bun to your hair wardrobe!

THE TOP KNOT: Of course, we have to start with a truly feminine and flirty look! The secret to this bun is to tie your hair up into a bun, and pinning it where needed to make it look into a knot. You may need to play around with your strands for a little bit to get it perfect, but what hairstyle don't you have to do that for, right? Twist and pull until you have the look you're going for, and pin that bad boy up there and you'll be rocking a fresh look from day to night!

THE SOCK BUN: This is a personal favourite of mine! It's so simple and for days when I really just don't have the motivation to do my hair, or I pressed snooze one too many times in the morning and I have to rush out of the house (story of my life!), the Sock bun in my life saver. I kid you not. It's God sent! You can purchase an actual sock bun accessory thing for this look, but I personally believe that using an actual sock is the best way to go. After all, it is a SOCK bun, right? All you have to do is tie your hair up into a ponytail, place your sock over your pony, and roll your hair all the way down, tucking it into the sock as you do so. It takes literally 2 minutes. It's amazing.

THE BRAIDED BUN: Now, this is a great option because, not only are braids super bad ass this season, but they are the perfect little element to take your look from ugly to unique, and no one wants ugly hair, do they? Braid one your whole pony tail, or several strands, or maybe just one little one, twist, clip and you're looking trendy as all hell. Another great thing about the braided bun is that you can essentially make any bun, a braided bun. Add a braid into your sock bun, or top knot. It never hurts to add two amazing hair trends into one look!

THE MESSY BUN: It's not what it used to be, back in the early 2000's when you literally plopped your hair up on your head. Instead, the messy bun is a little more clean and refined. Sure, you're still plopping it up on your head, but make it a little tighter than you would have in grade 9 to really get this hair trend right. All else fails, you know you have a hidden stash of bobbie pins.

So indulge in a fun bun, ladies! They're fast, easy and versatile!

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