Friday, August 31, 2012

Say Goodbye to Crusty Elbows

            Do you ever get rough/ dry elbows and become embarrassed by them? I admit I have and it was very much to my dislike. I didn’t even want to show skin when my elbows looked like that. Truth be told sometimes we under-look our elbows because they are not within our vision and there is nothing peculiar about them. Nonetheless when it’s time to wear a short sleeve top or dress we become self-conscious because it is then when we notice how unappealing our elbows look (What will people think… That I don’t bathe properly/ will my boyfriend feel disgusted if he sees or touches my elbows.) Many thoughts come to mind. However let me relieve you by telling you that, that is not the case. In fact many times we lean on rough surfaces with our elbows and as a result a patch of rough skin forms, the reason for its occurrence is to protect the tendons. Thankfully there are a couple of things that can be done to prevent and fix crusty and unappealing elbows.


Avoid rough surfaces: Try your best not to place your elbows on the table (this can be considered rude sometimes too; so just remember your manners.) particularly if you are wearing short sleeves.

Scrub: Although many people just use plain soap to bathe and shower it is always good to use some type of scrub on the elbows or even a pumice rock (pumice rocks work great on the heels too; just don’t scrub too hard if you do decide to use a pumice rock)

Moisturize: It’s always good to moisturize after every shower, especially on sensitive parts like the elbows. 

Getting rid of crusty elbow:

Coffee and lemon: Believe it or not getting rid of crusty elbows is super easy, fast, and economic. All you need to do is mix coffee (ground coffee of course) and a small lemon together (Make sure the mixture is pasty.) The coffee will help exfoliate the skin and the lemon will help lightning it. Do this for a few days and I can guarantee you will be shocked on how quickly it works. 

Moisturize: Once again moisturize, this will enhance results. I recommend using Aloe Vera cream as it contains vitamin E and is healthy for the skin. However Vaseline works as a great moisturizer as well. These two moisturizers will help get you those clean and smooth elbows you crave.

All right ladies I hope these tips were helpful if you are trying to prevent or get rid of those ugly, rough, and dark patches on the elbows.

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