Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Treat Oily Hair

There are many hair types in the world. Each has its own issues that can make living with it difficult. For instance, people with dry hair swear they have the worst problems, while women with oily hair will claim to have that title. The honest truth is as long as you know how to properly treat their hair, managing it will be no problem. It still may seem like a hassle on those days when you are in a rush or just not in the mood to deal with it, but it really is no worse than anyone else’s hair.

Women that wash their hair and find that in a few hours it is oily again may get frustrated, but they should actually be happy. This just means their sebaceous glands are working right. They are also keeping you from becoming bald as it has been proven that baldness starts with a dry scalp due to the sebaceous glands shrinking.

While all this seems great in retrospect, there are still countless women begging for ways to make their hair less oily looking. Not to worry as there are ways of helping glands that seem to be producing way too much oil. 

It really should go without saying that women with oily hair need to shampoo everyday if it is excessive build up. The best time is in the morning as if they wash at night their hair has several hours to rebuild the sebum. Using a stronger shampoo than most people is recommended as mild shampoos may not do very much. 

Using a clarifying shampoo is normally recommended for women with oily hair. Using this type of product once a week will help to remove extra buildup of oil and debris. Women with fine hair that is incredibly oily, and they are also seeing dandruff flakes should especially try using this type of shampoo.

Do not brush very often. When you brush your hair you are moving oil from the scalp throughout the rest of the hair. Try styling in the morning, and then avoiding for the rest of the day. 

It is also a good idea to pull your hair back from your face as often as possible if it is oily. This will keep breakouts from occurring (or at least minimizing) on your face due to the excess oil.
Experiment with home remedies. There are many that have proven to work on oily hair, or at least show moderate results.

- An astringent made from mouthwash and witch hazel can be applied to the scalp with cotton wool. This is good for people who have consistently oily hair, and could be used before washing their hair.

- Acidic products such as lemon and vinegar really help with decreasing sebum build up. Combining lemon juice with water works well applied to hair as a rinse following a shampooing. Combining vinegar with water can be applied the same way (except the smell is more putrid). These can help to remove excess soap from the hair.


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