Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hair Colors to Dye for This Season

If you're eager for a change this fall season, you've come to the right place. Today, we are talking all about the trending hair colors for this incredible Autumn season which is here a little bit sooner than we all anticipated. At least this means that you can switch up your summer hairdo for a vibrant new fall-inspired tone sooner! Here are some dyes to try that will put you in the mood for bon fires, blankets, cuddles and movie nights.

Pale Golden Yellow
Think Kate Upton because she nails the hue that is hot to rock this fall season. Instead of opting for a platinum light blonde, or a red tinged strawberry blonde, you really want to strive for a creamy, golden blend of blondes! It's a little pale but still have a little something-something to make sure your hair is anything from boring.

Mixture of Lights
Grab your favorite light blonde box of dye, and your favorite box of light brown and combine the two. Okay, maybe you don't want to do that but a professional certainly could! A blend of light tones are super haute. It isn't ombre, nor is it highlights. Instead, this hair style is truly a good mixture of both tones. If you can't get the mixture right, you can blend it up for a honey blonde which is another hair color trend for this fall season.

Champagne Red
I had you at champagne, didn't I? Don't let the 'red' put the fear in you. Instead, let it put the fire in you for a classy nice out sipping on glasses of champagne because that's exactly the kind of aura you will repel off of you once you take on this new hair color. Instead of having a sassy, on-fire look of red, this style is a bit more elegant and soft.

Shining Gold and Red
If you want to get a little more blast with your box of hair dyes, a darker red that offers vibrant gold hues is definitely something that is one of the most popular looks to get this season. It is right on top with the fall hues in the trees, and offers a little more oomph and flavor to the previous. Think Amy Adams!

All Fallen Out
Now for the ladies of you who really need to put the fire out there. Cinnamon-copper red is smoking hot! You're a flame that no one wants to put out if this is the hair style that you're going for this season. Whew! Jessica Rabbit, anyone?

As you can see, dark, bold hues are out. Go light and breezy or add some personality and mood with red tinges. As a rule of thumb, always choose your hair color with your complexion and undertone considered.

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