Saturday, March 29, 2014

Are Steam Straighteners Worse For Your Hair?

With a quick search online about steam hair straighteners, you'll notice that there really isn't much information out there about them at all. You can find some forums of people talking about them, but nothing of real substance is brought to the table. Now, I am no hair scientistic, but I have used my steam hair straightener for 2 years straight, and prior to that, I had used a regular hair straightener for many years. Here is my experience with the Avanti Wet-Dry Digital Flat Iron.

How Does The Straightener Work?
The Avanti Wet-Dry Digital Flat Iron works just the same way as any other straightener. You select the heat that you want it to rise to, and you slowly straighten your hair in sections. The difference is that you don't have to dry your hair fully prior to using this straightener, and it works at a blow drier at the same time as straightening your hair. Steam gets released as you are straightening your hair, which pulls the moisture (from the shower) out of your hair, allowing it to dry faster while getting styled.

How Well Does The Straightener Work?
I have read some people talk about the straightener not doing its job, or that their hair gets puffy afterwards, but I have never experienced this and I have been using my Avanti Wet-Dry Digital Flat Iron for more than 2 years, but 2 years consistently. If it didn't straighten my hair, I definitely wouldn't still be using it, and I actually opt for my Avanti Wet-Dry Digital Flat Iron steam straightener than I do my regular flat iron.

Does It Damage Your Hair Excessively?
The entire concept that is sucks the moisture out of your hair has created this new explosion of rumours. Steam straighteners do steam the moisture out of your hair, but it is the moisture from the water, or in other words, from your shower. It doesn't take the moisture out of your actual hair. That can't be steamed out. So, does it dry your hair out more or damage it more than any other straightener? I don't think so, and I haven't seen a problem with my hair.

Conclusion? Well, any hair straightener isn't good for your hair, but I don't think the Avanti Wet-Dry Digital Flat Iron is any more damaging than the other options. I think it works just as amazing as regular flat irons, and I actually like it better because I don't have to blow dry my hair first, or worry about frizzing my hair if it is still wet in some spots. As long as you are taking proper care of your hair, you shouldn't have a problem with the steam hair straighteners.

Photo Credit: The Luxe Maven

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