Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ways To Decrease The Damage Placed On Your Hair At Night

As you lay your head down at night, you probably don't think that much damage could be done while doing so. You may throw your hair up in a tight bun, or even braids to find the comfiest position possible on your pillow. However, the way you wear your hair at night can actually cause as much breakage of your strands as heat styling products can. Awful, right? Since it simply isn't unrealistic to completely get rid of your hair iron, curling wands and styling products, any little extra tips to decrease the damage of your hair is appreciated. Here are the best night time practices for your hair at night that will deter split ends, frizz and breakage.

90s Scrunchie
Oh, the scrunchie. Don't you just dread when you see people rocking their 90s era hair band? The good thing is that no one will have to see you indulge in this outdated hair accessory. Well, unless you're having some sort of sleepover. Throwing your hair up into a bun is okay, as long as you don't tie an elastic tightly around it. The best option is to use a scrunchie as they keep your hair loosely tucked away.

Avoid All Wet Braids
Although a stylish way to get effortless curls the next morning, braids are the culprit of damaged caused on your hair overnight. They basically encourage split ends more than any other hairstyle. If your hair is dry, then braids are an okay option, but still aren't necessarily recommended. You do always want to remember to keep your hair loose if you still wish to braid your hair at night.

Always Keep It Dry
Never go to bed with wet hair. However, you shouldn't necessarily opt to blow dry your hair prior to bed because we want to decrease the amount of stress that you put on your strands. If you must shower before night, try to do so with enough time for your hair to completely air dry prior to laying your head down at night.

Let It Fall
The best option for nighttime hairstyles is to let your hair fall as it may. Make sure that it is dry, and brush your hair through before you head to bed. This will get rid of any tangles that can get worse overnight, which causes more breakage - and it will also decrease the amount of restriction that is placed on your hair.

These simple tricks will promote your hair to healthier days, and they are absolutely effortless, so there is truly no reason to put more damage into your tresses. No one wants split ends, frizzies and breaking ends. This is one way to decrease those three awful things right now.

Have a good nights rest knowing that your hair is not being damaged as you catch your zzz's.

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