Saturday, February 8, 2014

Buffing the Nails

SEACRET Nail Care Collection

Hey ladies, I hope all is well, and may you all enjoy this weekend. For today's I blog I would like to talk about nail buffing and about the nail products I have been using. I highly recommend them for anyone. And without further or due  here are the products.

3 Step Nail Buffer:  These buffers are quite easy to buy. You can get them online of from a body shop store. The first step requires you to scrape a little bit of your nail. These second step is to is to buff them and soothe them. Finally, the third step consists polishing them! It is the best, it's like magic. The best thing about this nail buffer is that it leaves your nails looking as if they had clear nail polish on.

Cuticle Solution: Using this before or after buffing your nails is key to giving them a wonderful look, especially if you want to paint them. gives them a clean overall look.

Filing: Always cut your nails and file them. In doing this you give your nails a nice shape and have a clean solid look.

Cream: Finally, after all of that make sure to moisture your hands. Your hands always have to be looking pretty, and almost fake, if they are long.

Alright ladies, those are some of the products I recommend using. Especially if you work with your hands along and don't have time to keep polishing your nails all the time. It's a good alternative to keep them looking great, and at a very inexpensive cost. Well ladies, until next time, enjoy your weekend.
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