Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tips For Getting Fabulous Curls

When it comes to hair styles, you can never have too many tips that will keep you away from looking like you've just walked out of the 90s era or like a frump. This is especially true with curls. There are so many things that can mess up the look, as curls can be frizzy, crimpy and turn out anything from what you were intending for them to. As mentioned previously, my favourite kind of curls come from hot rollers. I like to use the Baby Bliss hot roller system because they work amazingly and come in 4 different sizes. Here are some tips that will help you achieve the modern look of this season's curls.

Where To Place Each Size
The best advice that I ever received in regards to using hot rollers to curl my hair was where to place each size. This will deter too many curls around your face as well as the possibility of the curls weighing your hair down flat. Place 2-3 of the largest rollers are the front of your hair; in your bangs and sides. Then, use the next largest size of hot rollers and line the top of your hair back to the crown. This will ensure that you have volume. You will also want to use this size at the sides underneath the largest size that you put in previously. Then, start putting the hot rollers in your hair and work your way down. If you have to mix in some smaller versions, try to space them out in between, and keep them in the middle and ends.

Steer Clear of the Smallest
As briefed upon in the previous step, you want to avoid using the smallest as much as possible, at least when it comes to the top and front of your hair. They will produce tight curls that aren't on trend, however that doesn't mean that you can't use them. As mentioned, as long as you use them sporadically and no where near the front of top of your head. This will promote a 90s inspired perm look and the appearance is certainly outdated.

Don't Brush Out
Never brush out your curls. This is just an awful idea and all of your work will be ruined. Instead, take out the rollers and let your curls fall as they may. Squeeze some hair serum into your hair and use your fingers to fluff your hair and to place the curls where you want them. Finish with a spray and your look will be flawless.

Curls can be tricky but with these tips, you will be left with a stunning picturesque look that will look like it took hours to make. In reality, these kind of hot roller curls only takes 15 minutes at most! The majority of time is spent heating them and leaving them in your hair to cool and set the style.

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