Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Was last year's New Year's Eve celebration less than stellar? Friends a little iffy on répondez s'il vows plaît (RSVPing)? Give your guests something to look forward to this year! Here are a few great themes to get your guests excited and anticipating the welcoming of the new year.

Casino Royale
Delve into your hidden persona of James Bond and his sexy vixens by having a casino night. Clothes fit for a soiree only please. Hire professionals or friends to play as dealers and have yourself a blast. Either play with real money or funny money. If it's funny money, be sure to include an area for guest's to exchange for fun prizes. Of course, do not forget those shaken martinis. 

White Wonderland
Bring inside some of the winter fun by having a white wonderland party. Everyone must wear black. Just kidding. White only please!!! And I'm talking about everything. Table linens, candles, decorations, food, attire, etc etc. Then at midnight, poppers and glitter of every color will be sure to create a beautiful contrast. 

Masquerade Ball

While the ball gowns are note required, it would be fun to have masks, feathers, and sequins galore. While I'm sure everyone will know one another, having the mask on always adds a sense of fun and concealment to the event. 

Slumber Party

This is my personal favorite. Who doesn't love to go back in time to slumber parties? Have everyone come in onesies or their favorite superhero jammies. Not only will everyone be comfortable and relaxed, but it is a perfect time for fun Kinect, Wii, or Playstation games. There won't be any heels getting in the way that's for sure! 

Other Ideas


Make sure the invitations reflect the party. You don't have to spend a whole lot to make them! Visit a craft store and make a small but creative invitation that will definitely have your guests excited to RSVP.

Create A Backdrop

So your guests are dressed up and spiffy, design a section of a wall to act as a backdrop for pictures. Even better, include a box of fun props and wearables for your guests to put on during picture time. Don't worry about a camera and the investment of paying someone to snap the pictures. People's phone cameras will work just peachy. You won't regret it. These pictures will be proof that next year's bash will be just as fun.

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  1. So adorable New Year's Eve Party Ideas. The first one is just fantastic. I wish I could find this article some days ago. Anyway, I also hosted DIY bash at one of my favorite outdoor party venues in Houston and organized party games too. Truly we enjoyed the party a lot.