Saturday, December 14, 2013

5 Of The Worst Things We Do To Our Hair

You don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure out that there are tons of awful things that we do to our hair. It's kind of odd considering we love it so much yet put it through so many treacherous situations. Here are the 5 worst things that we do to our hair. Maybe once we figure out exactly what it is that we're doing to damage our hair we will be able to re-evaluate our hair care routines!

Using Old Styling Tools
Not only should you be keeping your hair styling tools clean, but you should also be replacing them often. It's recommended that you remove the hair after every use and clean the brushes thoroughly approximately once a week.  However, if you can't remember when you purchased your last hair styling tool then it is definitely time to replace it. 

Using Worn Out Hair Elastic
Thank the hair heavens for creating hair elastics that don't have metal on them. You should always steer clear of any hair ties that have anything other than fabric on them. This will cause damage to your strands while encouraging breakage. When it comes to hair clips, be gentle when putting them in your hair. Anything too tight will break your hair which results in frizzies and split ends. 

Skipping Heat Protectant
Don't do it! This is a product for a reason and you need to use it. If you aren't willing to retire your heat irons, then definitely put a heat protectant in your hair prior to use. This will line your hair so the damage you're putting on your hair isn't so intense. The less heat you can expose to your locks, the better. So take the two seconds that it takes to spritz some heat protectant on prior to putting your hair on blast. 

Waiting Too Long
Believe it or not but you should actually be getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. A lot of females don't do this which results in a lot of dry split ends. The best way to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy is to always get your hair trimmed on a regular basis. The good thing is that hair trims usually don't cost that much money so you should be able to squeeze this one into your hair care routine and budget. Don't worry... Dead ends don't add length. In fact, trimming your hair will encourage faster growth. 

Brushing From the Roots Down
This is one thing that people often don't think twice about. How many times do you brush your hair from the roots down and you run into tons of snags? Well did you know that with each snag you're actually breaking your hair? It's an awful habit to get into, so try to start at the bottom as you work out your hair knots and then gradually work up to the roots. 

These 5 things are the most common culprits to damaging our hair and we all do it way too often!

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