Thursday, November 21, 2013

Your Take On Bleached Eyebrows?

Heard the next "crazy" stunt by Miss Miley Cyrus? While cutting her hair super short, grinding on Robin Thicke, riding a wrecking ball naked, and inking her grandma's face on her forearm wasn't edgy enough, Miley has taken one more step towards the crazy and bleached her eyebrows.

Now, Miley did not start the trend for bleached eyebrows. We have seen this all over the fashion industry including high fashion editorial spreads, the runway and even TV shows like America's Next Top Model. So while Miley isn't a trend setter, this move, on top of all her recent antics, are definitely making a few eyebrows raise. 

Bleached Brows: The Good Having bleached brows definitely has a way of focusing on the eyes, causing your pretty eyes and makeup to stand out that much more. If you’ve bleached your brows, you may be a bit of a dare devil! You are following your own heart and doing what you think...know...looks good and couldn’t care less what other’s think. 

Bleached Brows: The Bad Your eyebrows are definitely the frame to your face. They help create a shape and definite areas on your face. Also, your eyebrows are an essential part of any facial expression. Without eyebrows, you may appear surprised all the time. 

Be part of the trend

Permanent solution: Feeling as edgy as Miley? Want to just go all in and try it out? Visit a salon to get them bleached. We highly recommend this, especially since this requires using a harsh chemical near your eye. You want a practiced and experienced hand helping you out. The cost shouldn't be too outrageous. Make sure that they test a part of your skin away from your face to ensure you are not allergic to the chemicals they are using. Wouldn’t want a skin irritation or burn to occur because they forgot to test.

Try it out for fun: Maybe you want to live the life of a rebel just for a day. There is a temporary option for you. See steps below:
1. Purchase Kryolan Aquacolor-For those with lighter brows, the ivory should work. For those with dark brows should purchase a deeper/warmer shade.
2. Activate the color with Mac's Fix + 
3. Use an eyebrow brush and cover it with the aqua color. Apply to back of hand to disperse color.
4. Brush down and up through eyebrow hairs. 
5. Ta-da! Bleached brows without the chemicals and its temporary.

What do you think of bleached brows trend? For the high fashion only or can you rock this on the daily?

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