Thursday, October 3, 2013

Top Fall Nail Trends!

Hi Readers!Fall may be here for most of you and with Fall comes some new and awesome beauty trends. Focus of today: new and interesting manicure ideas!!!

Feathered Manicure

New from Ciaté, the Feathered Manicure comes in three colors: Ruffle My Feathers, All A Flutter, and What A Hoot. Their complete nail kit features natural feathers for a stunningly intricate nail art look. Ciaté's creative director Charlotte Knight took inspiration for this elegant look from her favorite runway shows and transformed it into a delicately detailed manicure. This vampy fashion statement gives a dainty fashionable look--the ultimate way to wear feathers this season.

The kit comes with Speed Coat Pro, Mini Paint Pot, Nail scissors, 2 Nail file blocks, and 40 feathers. All feathers have been ethically sourced. Feathered manicure comes off easily using regular nail polish remover.

How To Apply: Apply the creamy base color (a pro-formula professional polish with a high gloss finish) mini Paint Pot. Apply a layer of the Speed Coat Pro which has a quick-dry long wearing finish. Place natural feathers onto nail and seal with top coat. Shape and buff.

Formula X Xplosives Top Coats

From Formula X For Sephora, Xplosives Top Coats, a next generation graffiti art nail lacquer that fuses matte glitter particles in assorted shapes and sizes for a paint-splatter effect.What's great about this product is that it is paraben free and that the polish is a three-free formula. 

How To Apply: Apply two thin coats of nail color using tri-swipe applcation: paint one stroke down the middle down the middle of the nail from the base to the tip, the second stroke from the center base along one side, and the third stroke from the center base along the opposite side. Layer over bold colors, neutrals, jewel tones, neons etc. Apply Formula X Drying Spray or Drops. 

The New Black Typography 4-Piece Nail Polish Set

The New Black's Typography 4-Piece Nail Polish Set comes in two colors: Times Late Edition and Weekly Journal. This new set lets you create your own unique typography nail design. Long-wearing, ultra-glossy, fast-drying, chip resistant  design color glides evenly and effortlessly for a truly professional-looking finish. This set contains mini nail color, transfer solution, clear coat and typography roll.

How To Apply: Clean nails and remove any oils. Apply two coats and dry completely. Cut piece of newsprint paper to size and shape of nail. One nail at a time, brush transfer solution onto whole nail. While nail is wet, place and press paper printed side facing down on nail. Apply transfer solution generously to top of newspaper print. Moisten a cotton ball with alcohol and hold against paper, pressing firmly but carefully for 30 seconds. Carefully remove paper strip and repeat process for each nail. Wait two minutes and apply topcoat. 

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