Friday, October 18, 2013

How to :Rock Red Carpet Looks


Hello ladies, I hope you all had a wonderful week, but may the weekend be even better. In today's blog I want to talk about red carpet looks, and how you too can rock such looks! Let's take note on some of the things one must do.
Key fact: Okay, who ever said that only starts can achieve red carpet looks? Wrong! Anyone can achieve such a look; anyone can be unique and owe their personal style. However, ladies, the key to rocking anything you wear is confidence. My motto is, "if you like it, you'll own it."
Nothing is better than confidence when it comes to fashion.
When to Rock such Looks: Many times, people think, there is never an event in where I can go all out and dress up, it will be too much for the event. But ladies, let me ask you. How many times a year does a women ever get to dress up? Think about it for a second. See, it doesn't happen very often, so why not go all out for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries? Ladies, often times we don't take advantage of these events to dress up and be girly. We are all to use to being comfortable in our pants and shirts.
The outfit: Well, what could you wear? Truthfully, you can wear anything! We've all seen starts rocking some funky outfits, you can too. Go for the funky short dress from the front and long from the back. Wear a address that shows a lot of back or a lot of front; whatever you feel comfortable with. Ladies, set not limits to how you can dress up. It is too often that care too much about others opinions, when the only opinion that should matter is your own, and your boyfriend’s or Husband of course.

Okay ladies, there you have today's blog. I hope you find inspiration within in it. Remember it's always good to have a day in where you feel like a princess, who ever said that the only day in where you feel like princess is on your wedding day? Geez. Dress it up ladies. Have a wonderful weekend. 

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