Monday, September 9, 2013

Say No to Shoe Odor

      Hello ladies, I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. Let's hope we all recharged our batteries and are ready to tackle on another week. I know it’s only Monday, but if we maintain busy, it will be the weekend before we know it. In today's blog article I would like to discuss how to prevent shoes from stinking up. Everyone's feet sweat, it's natural and there is nothing to be ashamed of.  The only thing that matters is what you do to prevent your feet from stinking up your shoes.
Flat socks: Okay, let’s be realistic, most of the time our feet sweat because we wear toms, flats, or closed toe shoes that don't require socks. Well ladies, let me inform you that there is now socks that have been made for flats. The nice thing about these socks is that you can wear them with almost any type of closed toe shoe. In wearing these socks you prevent your shoe from stinking up with your sweat. The sock serves as an extra layer.
Washable Soles: Okay, if you are all about comfort you're going to love this idea. When you wear closed toe shoes add soles to them. Make sure these soles are washable and long lasting.  By washing the soles often you're preventing the sweat from penetrating the shoe and therefore preventing the bad odor.
Shoe Fresheners: Okay, believe it or not there is such thing as shoe fresheners.  In fact these shoe fresheners were originally designed for sneakers. There are two types of fresheners you can purchase, there are the spherical fresheners you can leave in your shoes overnight, and there are sprays you can use whenever. I would suggest buying the spherical fresheners to get better results,
Fabric Softeners: When I say fabric softeners I'm referring to the towel ones. These towel softeners can be used just as the shoe fresheners. Just place them in your shoes whenever you're not wearing them and voila.
      Okay Ladies, there you have today's blog. I hope you all found these tips helpful and informative. May you all have a successful week ahead of you, happy Monday. 

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