Thursday, August 15, 2013

Up In Knots: Fashionably Knotty Hip Tip Week 2

Snazz up your current outfit with a simple and inexpensive accessory: a scarf! Last week, we covered how to tie knotty scarves around the waist to accent your different outfits. This week, we are covering your not so basic scarf techniques for the neck. 

Wrapping a scarf around your neck a few times is so boring! Yawn.... Here are some easy but very cute ways to tie scarves that'll make you look chic and stylish:

Bow Me Up

For this technique, you will need a long scarf, preferably a scarf with natural texture. Let the middle of the scarf rest at the back of your neck and letting the ends hang evenly on your torso. Simply tie the two ends as you would a bow. Puff the bows to make the full and let the rest of the scarf dangle.

Chic and Sophisticated

This is the perfect accent to any business outfit or to soften an edgy outfit. For this technique, you will need a medium to long scarf that preferably is two-tone or multi-tone. Place the middle of the scarf at your throat, allowing the length of the scarf to hang down your back. Wrap the scarf around your neck to achieve desired hang down length on the front. Loosen scarf around your neck and poof out. Tie the ends together and tuck knot under the loop around your neck.

Sweet Sweet Flower

Select a multi-hued scarf or a solid but bright hued scarf for this design. Let the middle of the scarf rest at the back of your neck, with the ends dangling in the front. Bring the ends together and position to either side of the neck. Begin twisting. When the scarf becomes tight, begin wrapping the ends in a circular motion, using your finger to guide the shape into a bun. When the ends are at your neck, tuck the ends into the loop around your neck.
The key here is that the scarf is tight when you twist it. Once twisted, it should hold its shape. Tucking the ends in will help keep it in place. Still feeling loose? Use a pin to secure in place.

Again, to be fashionable does not mean you have to buy whole new outfits. It is about knowing what you have, creating different combinations to create new outfits, and adding the right accessories to make them fashionable.

Be smart, be savvy, be a fashionista!

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