Saturday, August 10, 2013

Three Go-To Hair Care Products That You Never Need to Switch Up

As always, there are new hair care products popping up on the shelves of your favorite drugstore shelves, and on the computer screen of your favorite online store (FlatIronExperts, obviously). The confusing thing is that you often have no idea where to begin. This project says to do the exact same as the other, and that one says to do the opposite of what that one says. It can get frustrating when you find all of these new hair care products. So, I've made it my mission to take care of the confusion, and list the ultimate products that you will never have to update to a newer version. Now, don't get me wrong. Some of these products aren't new - And some are. However, whether it was released yesterday or last year, all of your hair care product problems are about to be taken care of.

Aussie "Freeze" Hair Spray
I swear by this stuff. It's like a hair care bible. The Aussie line is a frugal one, but I don't opt for all of their products. Instead, I only stick with the Freeze hair spray. Often times, you find a hair spray that doesn't hold, or one that can fight off a hurricane but looks and feels as hard as a rock. The Aussie Freeze Hair spray is literally a combination of the two; a perfect middle. It holds your hairstyle and doesn't leave it stiff and unnatural looking.

KQC Heat Protectant Shine Spray
Now, let's debunk a myth before we get started. Heat Protectant spray will not ensure that your hair won't get damaged from hot irons. However, it will deter the extent of the damage that hair irons do to your luscious locks, and this product should never be skipped out on. The KQC Heat Protectant Shine Spray is a favorite for many reasons. It doesn't really have a smell once it's on your hair which is awesome because the combination of scents from your shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, etc. isn't always a pleasant one. In addition to the protecting element, the KQC Heat Protectant adds a natural shine that makes your hair look hot! No pun intended.

Chaz Dean Wen Conditioners
I usually don't place too much importance on the selection of daily hair shampoo and conditioner that I use. However, I always play emphasis on the intense conditioners and leave in treatments because to me, that's the stuff that really gets down to the roots to replenish your locks. I always use Chaz Dean Wen products when it comes to a deep hair repair therapy. I sometimes switch it up from products within his line, but trust me, Chaz Dean Wen products are phenomenal. They are a bit pricier, but worth every last cent.

So forget about the generic and newer versions of products that are filling your local drugstore shelves, and stick with products that you know that work for you and your hair. These are my top three, and if you are looking for some fabulous hair, these products will definitely get you started with just that!

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