Friday, July 26, 2013

Breakdown Of Hair Curling Iron Sizes and Hair

With so many hair curling irons out on the market, it can seem damn impossible to figure out what each one of them does for your hair. Now, for several years, I actually never realized that there was a different look that was provided by individual curling irons, thus I always opted to use whichever ones whenever I pleased and even combined them, and well, my hair always looked like a disaster. I always believed that it was hair curler problems. Nope. It was my problem. So if you can relate, this post is dedicated to you. Inform yourself about the different kinds of curling irons so you can actually enjoy the beauty that is provided from using them.

The 2 Inch Barrel Curling Iron
Although it's called a curling iron, the 2 inch barrel isn't actually intended to curl your hair, but rather, to add a wave into it or a nice rounded bend to the end of it. This kind of curling iron works best for longer hair, and for looks where you want to recreate a "blowout" inspired hair style, without having to use a rounded brush and blow dryer which can be difficult.

The 1 and a Half Inch Barrel Curling Iron
This is a great curling iron that will create big, voluptuous curls.

The 1 inch Barrel Curling Iron
If you don't have long hair, this is probably going to be the best curling iron for you as it works much better for short and medium length hair than any other curling iron does. The curls will be much tighter and smaller with this curling iron, but you can also create elegant waves.

The 3/4 Inch Barrel Curling Iron
This curling iron works best for all lengths of hair as well, and even more so if you want to achieve a vintage inspired hairstyle, or an updo.

The 5/8 Inch Barrel Curling Iron
This small curling iron works phenomenally for naturally curly hair because your curls can go out of whack from time to time, and to put your strands back in place, this is the curling iron you need to have. You can fix simple strands without people knowing that it's not natural. On that note, you can also provide the Beyonce type of curls with this curling wand as well.

The 3/8 Inch Barrel Curling Iron
If you have tight curls, you need this curling iron. It works best for the texture of your hair and can recreate fabulous looks while fixing up areas of your natural curls that aren't behaving.

Aside from the different sized curling irons, there are also different kinds that aren't included in this list. These are the most commonly used and total must haves within your hair product cabinet.

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