Monday, March 25, 2013

Wardrobe Cleaning

      And the beginning of the work/school week is here, yet again. Let’s make this week a productive one. For today's blog we will be discussing wardrobe cleaning. Everyone should do it at least twice a year. But what to do with all that unwanted clothing? Well there is a couple of things that you can do with them. However if you have something in your closet that's old and worn out, it's best to let go and replace it with something new. For all the other good quality clothing that you no longer wish to wear, here is what you can do.
Donation: Donating is a great thing, and there are different types donations you can do. There are three to be exact.
I) Someone You Know: You can give away your clothing to someone one you know, like a family member or a friend. She would very much appreciate it; and you will feel happy to know that your clothing is still being well taken care of.
II) Community Donation: Take your best garments to a thrift shop ( I know it's technically not a donation, but if you have no one to give it to, it's good to give it to thrift shops so other women can enjoy your old clothing). Depending on where you live, you can also put your garments in a donation bin; these bins are usually placed in different areas on the city.
III) Ship Away: Okay, you may be thinking what, who would I ship it to? well ladies,  ship it to third world countries! Young women in third world countries will highly benefit from your old clothing. Or if you know someone who lives on a country of poverty send it to them. Always keep in mind what you're throwing out ladies, there is a lot of people who can benefit from them.
Remake: Okay, there is another option for the old garments you don't want to get rid of. If you're a woman who is creative with her hands, and knows how to sow. Girl get creative with your old fabrics. Make something new and cute out of them.
     That is all I have for you today my friends. Always remember, it's important to make room for new clothing, and it's an act of kindness to donate things to people who will benefit from them. I'll leave you with those thoughts on mind. Happy cleaning ;)

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