Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine Day Gift Ideas


      Happy February! I can't believe how fast January went by, and it has 31 days, it's mind blowing. Anyhow as we all know by now Febraury is the month of love (the one in where people celebrate anyways). If you have a special someone, have you thought of any valentine day gift ideas? If not do panic, the month has just began, so you have lots of time to think of what to get him or make it. Keep in mind however that valentine's day is not about the gift but about the person, it's away of showing love and appreciation. If you're going to get him something make sure it's meaningful, personal, and most importantly thoughtful. Something that says I love you! lets take at some ideas.

Collage/Picture Frame: There is nothing cuter about putting thought into what you do. Make a scrap book, select pictures of those special moments and occasion, get creative with it and make it unique. This shows your man how much time and dedication you put in the things you make for him, and shows how much you appreciate him (I mean,you don't make things like that for just anyone).

Cups/Mugs/ key chains: Know you may be thinking what would my man do with any of those? Well ladies, you can select a very nice picture or a couple of pictures and personalize a cup, mug, or key chain. If your man spend times in the office then a mug or cup would be awesome. On the other hand everyone has keys, so key chains are always good. Every-time your man looks at the cup, mug, or key chain he will be reminded of of you.

Spa for Couples: If you really don't know what to get you're man and you think that you're in a position in were you want to get closer as a couple, the spa is a great place to treat him. Guys need some types of pampering too. Think about it, you guys can relax and chat at the spa for a while and then you can do anything else he has planed for the evening. After a day of pampering a formal date is a cherry on top!

    Very well ladies these are just some suggestions. If you have been dating for a while, a picture frame ( that holds a few pictures) or a scarp book would do, as well as the spa idea. If you have recently started seeing each other but you really like him personalizing something shows you really like him.Always remember it's always the thought that counts and what you would like to express to that certain individual.

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