Monday, February 4, 2013

Lip Care 101

          Hey ladies, today I would like to talk to you about keeping your lips soft, luscious and kissable. Because hey we don’t want to kiss any one with dry unappealing lips, yuck! And boy do we sometimes have to kiss a few frogs before finding our prince. No matter the case, the lips should always look appealing and should always be soft; they form part of the face and you definitely don’t want to be walking around with cracked dry lips. Have any of you ever had that? I’ll admit I have when I was younger, and not only did it look bad but my lips stung every time I smiled. Enough talking; let me share with you some tips and tricks you want to know.

Moisturize Always: Moisturizing is crucial for preventing chapped lips and to help cure them. It’s not enough to just apply lipstick or lip gloss, in fact if you’re not careful some lip glosses can actually cause your lips to peal. It’s always important to either use a chap-stick or apply Vaseline. I personally love applying Vaseline; I do it every night before bed (that way I won’t forget).

Clear up your Lips: Some women use lipstick on a daily basis, I can say I use it almost every day. However sometimes you don’t want to use lipstick and just want to use chap stick or lip gloss, when all of the sudden you notice that your lips don’t look like their natural color… dun dun dun. What to do, what to do? Do not panic, when you feel like rocking your natural lips make sure to lightly wipe them with a towel after you have washed your face and apply almond oil over night. This will help clear up all the left over lipstick residue, and as a bonus it will even moisturize your lips.

Beets for the Lips: Okay, I love this particular trick, because like I said before I do use lipstick quite often. But honestly sometimes it’s just nice to have natural pretty pink lips. Ah, but how can this look be achieved? The answer is simple, use a beet! Yes, I’m talking about the vegetable! Massage your lips with a piece of a beet and await the results! Before applying it you can choose to damp the vegetable with a little bit of water, but just a little to enhance your results.

          Okay, there you have it ladies, try some of these things out and let me know how they work! Remember whether you have a man in your life or not every guy wants to kiss beautiful, pink, soft lips. I’ll leave you with that, Ciao.

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