Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Usage of Leopard

Leopard has been showing up everywhere as of late. And, with good reason, some have been calling leopard the new black. The reality is that leopard is one of those prints that coordinate with a range of different colors and shades. Leopard has a universal appeal as a print, it’s not too girly and yet it still evokes a sense of femininity and appeal. But, there is a definite way to wear leopard right and there is a way to wear leopard wrong. The reality with leopard is that you must wear it in small doses.

Leopard looks best when it is an accenting an outfit, not overpowering an outfit. You should never pair a main leopard piece with another main leopard piece and be in head to toe leopard. But, when leopard is used sparingly, it can make a defining statement which is perfect for the colder months up ahead. Leopard can be worn any which way, on anything. As of late, top designers have been utilizing leopard on coats, jackets, blouses, tank tops, jeans, cropped pants, scarves, necklaces, gloves, shoes and hair accessories.

The best part about leopard is that it is easy to coordinate with other items in your closet using the basic colors that make up the leopard print. Brown, white, cream, beige, black, grey and charcoal look great with leopard. And, if done right, red, dark green and mustard also look great with the leopard print. If you are looking for an understated appeal, then it is best to wear leopard sparingly, such as in a scarf around your head or in a headband.

There are more bold ways to wear leopard as well, such as on a pair of cropped jeans or on a jacket. Some very cute leopard print pieces that have been seen on many individuals include leopard shoes of all types. Leopard pumps are incredible popular and they can be worn with an all black ensemble or a range of colors that were mentioned above.

The best part about leopard is that it includes all the neutrals within the color spectrum, but it does it in a way that is not boring, but exciting and most of all, fun. Leopard also looks very cute when worn on gloves or a hat. There are many makeup shades that look great when paired with leopard pieces, but the best makeup to wear with leopard include a bright red lip. The bright red showcases the leopard to the fullest degree, but doesn’t detract from the printed leopard appeal.

And, since red is bold and bright, the leopard print and the red lip seem to balance each other out quite nicely. So, do yourself a favor and invest in some statement making leopard pieces to look amazing during the winter season.

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