Friday, October 12, 2012

Laundry Tips for Your Garments!

Tip: Always wash new clothing before wearing it for the first time!

Have you ever been disappointed by the way the washing machine or dryer ruins your clothes?  I most definitely have, it’s super tragic; especially when it’s something new! It really makes you think “gee I wasted my money buying this.” Fortunately for you there are several ways to prevent such awful things from occurring.  I will also share a tip with you on how you can clean some garments without having to spend time and money at the dry cleaners.

Read the Tag: This is one of the most common mistakes when doing laundry! Make sure that you read what like colours you should wash that garment with, you don’t want to dye your other clothing or stain them. Also check the tag to see if it’s okay to put in the dryer; most often than not we shirk our clothes. Remember it’s important to check the TAG!

Laundry Bag: okay you may be wondering, what the heck is a laundry bag? No, no I’m not talking about a bag in where you throw all your dirty clothes in. Only certain clothing such as wool sweaters go in this bag. Wool sweaters are super delicate and many times if not taken care of properly can get ruined quite fast (same thing goes for other clothing). The laundry bag is used for washing; you would place the wool sweater in the bag for protection from the spindle axes on the washing machine. If you don’t want to buy a bag a pillow case works just as efficiently, it’s economic too.

Fabric Softer: Okay let me first start of by saying that it is good to use fabric softeners for drying your laundry; however I don’t recommend using it for certain types of clothing. In fact there are certain items that can get a little bit ruined if a fabric softener is used, trust me… been there, done that. Once again check the tag.

Dry Cleaning at Home: Many times we think I’ll take my coat, my dress pants, and blazers to the dry cleaner. In fact these are things you can save money on. If there happens to be a certain stain you want to get off you can buy a laundry stain remover (the ones that don’t have bleach of course), this will get rid of most unwanted stains.  As I previously mentioned you can use a laundry bag for protection if needed or you can simply wash your clothes in delicate. After the washing cycle is done, DO NOT put them in the dryer. Let them air dry. Once they have dried you can use a steamer to go over them and give them that fresh look. Once all of that is done you can put your clothing back in the closet and they will be ready to be worn next time.
            And that sums it up for the washing and drying clothing tips. They are simple to follow, economic, and efficient. Remember it’s important to take care of your clothes in order for them to always look flattering.


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