Monday, August 20, 2012

Guide to Looking Fab at the Gym

Whether you are a triathlete or more of a movie marathoner, you deserve to look cute while working out. We’ve found the best gymwear for every body type, from major curves to straight and narrow!

If you want to hide your thighs..

Pick up a pair of yoga pants! The boot-leg style looks good on every shape but looks especially slimming on ladies with larger upper legs. By tapering in at the knee and slightly flaring over the ankles, your shape is evened out.

If you’re busty..

Suffer no more through cardio workouts with uncomfortable, unsupported girls. Adjustability is key for personalizing a sports bra to fit your shape. Choose a sports bra with cups and a racerback. Those will keep your girls looking perky and offer you all the support you need!

If you want a perky butt..
Along with squats and such, put your apparel to work! Pick a pair of yoga pants with a fold over band on the top. When folded over, the band will emphasize your derrière and help it look a little perkier than normal.

If you want to cover your underarms..

Sweaty workout sessions don’t typically lend themselves to long-sleeve shirts, a horror story if you’re concerned about covering any turkey arm jiggle. Underarmour, mainly worn by athletes, is a life saver! The light and versatile material helps you conceal and keeps you cool at the same time.

If you’ve got thin legs..

Try leggings rather than shorts or pants. The tight fit won’t lose your stems in extra fabric, while the coverage doesn’t show off knobby knees like shorts might. This pair’s higher price tag is testament to the booty-binding fabric, important for keeping gams firm no matter how willowy.

If you’ve got a small chest..

A pop of bright brings some flirtiness to this workhorse work-out piece, and gives the optical illusion of a lower neckline. Women that don’t require a lot of up-top support can also gravitate toward styles with skinny straps that look sleek, but would spell trouble for anyone with more than a C-cup.

If you want to cover your hips..

Just because you’re hitting the treadmill to fight muffin-top doesn’t necessarily mean you want to see it. This double-layered top uses a tight shell to hold everything in, while a looser, T-shirt exterior covers any lumps and bumps.

When shopping for flattering fitness wear, accentuate your best assets. If you’ve got fabulous legs, don’t be afraid to wear short-shorts. If you’re happy with your chest, arms, shoulders, décolleté or arms, go for a tank top. Got a nice bum? Try those close-fitting yoga pants. By highlighting the areas you’re proud of, you’ll be reminded of just how great you look and why you’re so excited to hit the gym!

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